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Our Mission

Here at Bentham Lodge, we believe in the BASICS, delivered in a warm & friendly style we will guide you through every step, from plant care to plant rescues. Building terrariums or creating aquascapes, we will be here for you all the way. We'll help you start a worm farm, make compost for your garden and sow for a sustainable crop of fruits & veg in a small garden and try to do it all to a budget.

 1: Budget consciousness: Tips for getting the best value from every purchase & even make money from making terrariums or selling propagated plants locally.

2: Acquisition: Showing you how you need never buy something if you can grow it or make it yourself cheaper & better.

3: Sustainability: Projects on reusing, recycling, & upcycling household waste & possessions.

4: Informative: Spot-on scientifically proven hints, tips & myth-busting for all aspects of indoor gardening.

5: Capability: We work with you to Improve your skills with easy-steps projects using only basic tools.

6: Scientific: in all we do, right down to some home laboratory experiments that help to explain why following the science is always better than old wives tales and apocryphal gardeners' myths.

So, whether you're a seasoned indoor gardener or a newbie we've got you covered!

Thank you and Cheers M'dears !



If you want to know the how to get the best out of your plants, tackle new projects, learn more about the science behind great plant care and propagation whilst ensuring everything stays healthy and on budget, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel today.

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